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Bangkok Noise Controle is a registered trade mark of ABC International Trade. We are looking for new dealers in Asia!. ABC International Trade is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of sound and vibration instruments and noise control equipment. ABC is in the international market since 1985. During the years ABC has built up a wide spectrum of noise and vibration measuring instruments and noise control products ranging from small sound cabins for audiometric test or cabins to practice music to plug and play sound monitoring systems (www.aurolexmonitoring) and all sorts of sound level analyzers en test equipment (

On-line vibration and sound monitoring with MEM's sensors.

ABC is a dealer of Acoustiblok ®, NASSAU sound panels, BSWA instruments, Intell Instruments, Instantell and Yesto Instruments. With ABC the development of new innovative products is an ongoing process. This way we anticipate in the always changing market and products in the field of sound en vibration measurements and noise control. As a technology-leading company ABC invests heavily in product research and development. The development team of acoustical engineers with mostly M.Sc and Ph.D degrees. ABC is continuously improving its products while developing new products in respons to customer needs. The consulting partner ABP is a premier acoustical engineering consulting firm that specializes in noise control, building physics, acoustics, environmental technology and vibration measurement & control for marine, industrial and commercial applications. Founded in 1985 by Ad Vreeswijk. The founder is a member of the Dutch Acoustical Society (NAG), Belgium Acoustical Society (ABAV) and American Acoustical Society (INCE) and has been a lecturer at the Higher Acoustical Course at Amsterdam during 3 year. There are branches in the The Netherlands and Thailand. Since 1985 ABP has serviced hundreds of clients from the largest corporations to small businesses and governments. We sell class-1 precision instruments like BSWA and Aurolex and prediction software like Geonoise, Soundplan, Stacks, Dnt, Geo-air etc.

We not only give you advice, we solve your noise problems or help you to prevent you'll get noise problems.

One of our most importent products for Sound Treatment is Acoustiblok®. This product is made in the USA by Acoustiblok, Acoustiblok is a NASA Top 50 spinoff company..

Acoustiblok® is a unique 1.1 lb. psf U.L. Classified, high S.T.C. reinforced dense noise isolating material which is utilized as a structural treatment for reducing sound transmission. It contains no lead or asbestos materials. It is specifically formulated to meet rigid requirements such that is approved by U.L. for walls, ceilings and floors (see U.L. classification), also U.K. tested "B.S. 476: part 7". Acoustiblok® is typically applied as part of layered wall, ceiling or floor construction. It is usually stapled to wood studs or screwed to metal studs prior to drywall. Each layer of 16 oz Acoustiblok® reduces sound transmission by as much as 30 db depending on the frequencies (see "Riverbank Lab" test results below). It has more sound deadening effectiveness than some treatments with lead. A typical 2 x 4 gypsum stud wall is usually 33 to 35 STC. Acoustiblok® installed in the 2 x 4 wall is lab certified at an amazing "STC of 52", better than 12" of poured concrete (STC 51).

Another product is Thermablok™. The Revolutionary Energy Conservation Thermablok™ is a revolutionary advancement in acoustic thermal technology. The use of space age nano-particle technology has produced a material that not only has the lowest thermal conductivity rating of any thermal insulation (13,5mW/m-K), but has exceptional acoustical properties as well.

Our consulting capabilities include:

1. Architectural acoustics
2. Plant Noise Surveys
3. Noise Control Remediation
4. OSHA and NORSOC Assessments
5. Room Acoustics Assessment/Testing
6. Outdoor Background Noise Monitoring
7. Environmental Impact Statements/Reports
8. Shipboard Noise & Vibration Analysis
9. Noise Control Treatment Design
10. Machinery Vibration Isolation
11. Shipboard Measurement & Diagnostic Surveys
12. Acoustic analyses
13. Electro acoustics
14. Materials Testing
15. Specification Review & Preparation
16. Expert Witness Testimony
17. Noise control treatment design and predictions
18. Vibrations control and measurements
19. Specification preparation
20. Design reviews, acoustical and vibration certifying
21. On-site acoustical surveys
22. Working conditions in plants
23. Air Quality measurements and predictions

We provides services in the following areas (noise, vibrations and air quality):

  • industrial plants
  • environmental zoning
  • transport
  • marine
  • shipbuilding
  • buildings
  • commercial
  • manufacturing
  • product noise and vibration control
  • noise testing and certifying products

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